Sunday, 6 July 2008

New Google Maps Course Mapping

Following on from our previous post on US PGA Tour and European PGA Tour tournament mapping, we have also used Google Maps to add individual golf course mapping to Golf Predictor. This feature is accessible from a link on each tournament and course page in the member section. As before, it is available to all whether you are subscribed or not.

The screen shot above shows the location of The London Golf Club, home of this weekend's tournament on the European PGA Tour. Hovering over our customised marker will display additional course information. As before, you can use the controls in the top left of the map to move the map and zoom in/out.

The map plots directly from our database, so it only displays courses that we have entered into our system. We are constantly adding historical data so we hope to add all the courses used in previous years in due course. Also, the address data can be quite vague (e.g. Shanghai, China), so do not expect accuracy at high zoom levels! We will fix any howlers as they become apparent.

Counting each map type as a chart, that brings our total number of charts up to 35 in Golf Predictor!

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