Thursday, 12 June 2008

Yet Another New Chart

We have done it again here at Golf Predictor, where we work tirelessly to provide a better service for our users. As if the 13 new charts added to the system yesterday weren't enough, we have added another brand new one today.

This latest chart shows the strength of the field for each tournament by grouping the world rankings of the players in the field. This beings the chart count in our system to 26 by our reckoning, which is not a bad offering!

This new chart really highlights the difference in class (mentioned here) between the 2 tournaments held this week. For example, looking at the chart for US Open field (see screen shot above), you can see that 49 of the top 50 are playing while the St. Omer Open field is not quite so impressive! The US open tends to have a lot of amateurs, regional qualifiers etc., so that explains the high number of low ranked golfers also in the field.

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