Monday, 16 June 2008

What Knee Problems?!

Well, I guess he doesn't even need 2 legs to play well! What a gutsy performance from Tiger (ranked 1 by Golf Predictor) over the past 4 days in the US Open. Despite being in obvious pain, he did a "Tiger" on the 72nd hole with a ballsy (and bobbly!) putt from about 12 feet to secure a place in a play off later today.

He'll be up against Rocco Mediate (ranked 76), surely one of the nicest guys in world golf, for the coveted prize. It won't be Mediate's first play off in this year's US Open, so that might give him a slight edge (and if I was him, I'd take any edge I could get!) in his quest to be the oldest first time major winner. He had to secure his place in the field in the first place in a play off at a US Open qualifier, so he's handled severe pressure all throughout this tournament. He has had a poor enough season (missed 8 cuts, 1 withdrawal from 17 events) and an unimpressive recent record on both the course and in the US Open but he still manages to almost win it on Sunday. No one said our job here at Golf Predictor was easy (see here for more on that).

How will Tiger's knee hold up over yet another 18 holes today? I've already torn up the rulebook on that. Personally, from a bravery award, history making and professional point of view, I'd like to see Tiger triumph later. However, on the other hand, Tiger has won enough and Mediate is such a great guy (and I've seen him conduct himself in person), I'd be delighted to see him win also. Game on!

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

Incidentally, I've also seen Tiger perform on a golf course and that was a sight to behold. However, his demeanour and approachability were in stark contrast to Rocco's. While Mediate signed autographs galore, Woods had a face on him that would stop a clock as he marched between holes flanked by a surly security detail.

Granted, the demands on his time would be too onerous, but come on! I've seen him act the same on TV during a tournament, but this was a charity event after all.