Sunday, 8 June 2008

Week Numbers

I should have explained the week number concept earlier. Since tournaments are held on a weekly basis, with anything from zero to three tournaments held on any given week between the US and European tours, it made since to introduce the week number.

This was done at the beginning of the Golf Predictor development and allows for easy tournament sorting and more convenient blog updates, among other things! Week one is the first week of the season with a tournament, which happens to be in the previous year, thanks to the quirks of the European tour, which usually starts its season in November of the wrong year and on the wrong continent!! Weeks with no individual tournaments (e.g. over Christmas) are excluded from the week count.

As an interesting aside, I believe that the 'European' tour has hosted events on every continent bar North America and Antarctica. As for completing the set, the former is obviously ruled out for political reasons, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the South Pole Open on the schedule in future years!

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