Sunday, 15 June 2008

How to Use Golf Predictor

I should have posted this much earlier, but here goes!

There are two sides to Golf Predictor - the statistics analyser and the prediction engine. If you are only interested in golf statistics, you can use our comprehensive data and charts to track golfer performance over a season or even historically in a specific tournament or on a particular golf course. The prediction engine uses these statistics to generate winning probabilities for the golfer in his next tournament and is aimed primarily at fantasy golfers and golf punters.

The winner of a golf tournament is very difficult to predict (that's why we are here to help!). With so many good golfers in the field, it's like a horse race with 160 horses of similar ability. Apart from Tiger Woods, who would be Shergar (insert your pick as best race horse here!) in the horse racing analogy, and Phil Mickelson (Seabiscuit perhaps?!), there is very little between the rest of the world's top 20. Similarly, there is very little between the 30th and 70th ranked golfers or indeed the 400th and 600th ranked players in the world etc.

With fields like this, it is difficult to predict an outright winner and we wouldn't recommend a bet to win on any golfer (even Tiger, whose odds are usually criminally short). Luckily however, places are a lot easier to predict and we recommend you bet each way if you're having a flutter. Most bookmakers give odds for a top 6 or even a top 10 finish. You can also bet on match ups, e.g. the head to head performance of 2 (or sometimes 3) golfers. This is where Golf Predictor comes into its own.

By examining our comprehensive statistics/charts and prediction ranking, you can spot value (or lack thereof) in the odds offered by your favourite bookie for certain players. Similarly, fantasy golfers can spot golfers under or overvalued by your system. You can also directly compare the statistics for up to three golfers on tour 'Compare Golfers' page to find value in match up odds. This gives you an edge over the house, and like card counting in blackjack, over time should help you be more successful. An added bonus is that there is no chance of being tapped on the shoulder by a heavy and taken out the back for a tune up!

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