Sunday 22 June 2008

Hardest Courses on the US PGA Tour

Note: If you want a list of the current 5 hardest courses on the US PGA Tour in 2008, click here.

Just found an interesting article on the US PGA Tour web site ranking the 2008 courses that tournaments have been played on by difficulty. The level of difficulty is determined by the scores shot by the pros during the week of the event.

Interestingly enough, Torrey Pines is in the top 10 of hardest courses twice, once for Buick Invitational setup (8) and once for the US Open setup (1). So, it's obviously a brute! At the other end of the scale, the four courses used in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic are all in the top 5 easiest courses, which obviously makes it a bit of a doddle for the pros. Small wonder then that the winning score is usually the best part of 30 under!

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sarah said...

oo, Pga courses are really hard. yes you're right..