Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Golf Predictor Gets Even Better!

Thanks to a great suggestion from a user, we have added even more charts to Golf Predictor. The idea took a couple of seconds to explain, but considerable longer to implement! Fortunately, all the effort was worth it as these 13 (yes, 13!) new charts are really useful.

From the first 5 screens in the "Stats Analysis" section of the member area, you can now access charts of the:
  1. Top performing golfers this season (the most consistent golfers).
  2. Top performing golfers in their last 5 events (the form golfers).
  3. Top ranked golfers in the world (the best golfers).
  4. Golfers with the lowest season scoring average.
  5. Golfers deemed most likely to win by Golf Predictor.
  6. Top performers on the same course in previous events.
  7. Top performers in the same tournament in previous years (from 2003 onwards).
  8. Top performers in round 1 this season.
  9. Top performers in round 2 this season.
  10. Top performers in round 3 this season.
  11. Top performers in the final round this season.
  12. Top performers in round 1 on this course in previous events.
  13. Top performers in round 1 in this tournament in previous years.
All this data was already viewable in Golf predictor by sorting the columns in the same screens. However, a picture says a thousand words and the graphs are also much more convenient. However, because of space limitations, only the top 15 to 18 golfers can be shown on the various charts (depending on the number of decimal points). The screen shot above shows graph 2 for the US Open. Hovering over a bar displays the text box shown in the image.

Subscribers can access all these new charts, while non-subscribers will only have access to the scoring average and Round 2 average charts. Another great reason to sign up to Golf Predictor!

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