Tuesday, 13 May 2008

2008 - Week 25 Winners

Well done to Hennie Otto for finally winning on the European tour last week. It must have hard for Hennie for 2 reasons:
  • He's not Irish ("we've" been winning everything lately!).
  • He has a history of throwing away 5 shot leads!
He tried his best to do it again last Sunday, but happily for him, he stumbled over the line.

Although a South African won on the European tour, we Europeans got our winner on the US PGA tour instead! Congrats to Sergio Garcia for a welcome return to form, winning the Players Championship (shouldn't that be the Players' Championship?! Lynn Truss, if you're reading this, please advise!!). Having overcome his putting problems (for now anyway), Sergio hit a nerveless tee shot on the famous 17th at Sawgrass to 4 feet in the play-off to seal victory. OK, so his opponent (Paul Goydos) was unfortunate, but Sergio still joins Sandie Lyle as the only European winners of golf's unofficial fifth major.

Looks like we'll have to send the Irish boys from the European tour over there en masse next year to improve that statistic. Harrington wasn't much good this year on his own!

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